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The EXCEL AMBASSADORS program is about more than just basketball. We will help kids build confidence and teach valuable life skills while being an outlet for them to reach out when they want advice or need guidance. It is our mission to teach positive values and provide a safe environment to build lasting friendships. The EXCEL AMBASSADOR Club will be for our MVP players!


  • EXCEL will offer an AMBASSADOR packet (including marketing materials with EXCEL information and a referral sheet to fill out) at the end of each session for a player to take home if interested in joining the Club. The player will use this packet to keep track of their referrals. 

  • Once a player refers 5 or more potential trainees to EXCEL they will be eligible to become an EXCEL AMBASSADOR.

  • When the player completes their referral sheet, they will provide their list to Coach Lance so he can advise when they are eligible to join the program.

  • There will be report card check-ins to make sure all AMBASSADORS are also excelling in school! Good grades will be a requirement for membership. 


We will be developing the EXCEL AMBASSADOR CLUB program as it grows to offer exclusive services and opportunities such as:

  • Mentorships with Coach Lance

  • Fun club activities (monthly parties, volunteering events, etc.)

  • Complimentary EXCEL AMBASSADOR merchandise and other goodies!

The AMBASSADOR program is also open to kids who are not EXCEL basketball players. Please reach out to and we will put you in touch with Coach Lance to discuss how to join! 

EXCEL Ambassadors Club: About Me
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