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Training with Lance helped take my game to another level. He’s played at every high level and knows the game so well. Lance's training challenges you but also encourages you at the same time. After our first few sessions, training with him was a no brainer for me.

Devon Hall
NBA Player
OKC Thunder

Working with Lance has built my confidence on and off the floor. The attention to detail in workouts along with countless amounts of time and sweat has led to my confidence on the floor. Also the conversations we have and the trust we have built in one another has led to confidence in myself off the floor as well. You truly are getting an advocate for your success as a basketball player and as a person when you build a relationship with Lance.

Bryson Spell
High Major Division 1 Recruit
Top 100 Players in the Country

My son Matthew loves the game of basketball and was looking to improve his skills and confidence on the basketball court! We are so grateful to have found the EXCEL program! After the first night of the clinic My son said he was already feeling more confident and had learned so many helpful tips from Coach Lance and now he is looking forward to what the future holds at Excel!! Awesome Coach and amazing staff!!!

Christina Johnson
Mother of Current EXCEL Trainee 

I’m 13 years old and I am currently attending EXCEL Basketball training and I am enjoying it so much. I wish I could attend every session! Coach Lance helps me with my confidence level and I learn something new every time I attend a session. It helps me to get in shape and I’m having a great time while I’m doing it!

Rebecca Stalnaker 
Current EXCEL Trainee

Thank goodness for EXCEL Basketball Academy! It has allowed my son to get back on the court and practice the sport he loves in a safe environment. EXCEL is well organized yet flexible. Coach Lance is absolutely AMAZING with the players.  He somehow is able to have the players work hard on the drills while making it fun, team spirited, and competitive!  He takes time to point out the positive plays and recommends improvements with a caring and upbeat demeanor. I'm incredibly impressed by Coach Lance's ability to share his awesome basketball skills with the players.  We can't wait for the next personal training session to start!

Nicole Bugg
Mother of Current EXCEL Trainee 

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